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How To Flat Lay

23 Aug, 2021

Flat lay photography is an art. It captures a mood, portrays your personality, and shows off your style. It’s a super effective way to display some of your favourite pieces, which in our case, are shoes!

The best part is, you don’t need to be a photographer or have the latest camera to achieve the perfect flat lay… Follow these simple steps and you’ll have that Insta-worthy shot in no time!

Step One

Choose your backdrop.
A neutral or even plain white background will offer a crisp finish for your flat lay. However, don't be afraid to play with colour! We've chosen a natural wood surface to keep within our tonal palette and to add another dimension of texture. Using fabric as your background will give the same effect.

Step Two

Gather your items.
Think about your hero piece. What do you want to be the star of the show? Then, collect some complementary items that are on theme and on colour scheme. Tip: try and include a range of different shapes and sizes.

Step Three

The layout.
Before you begin putting it all together, make sure you set up where there's good natural lighting. Then, start with your largest items, whilst keeping in mind where you want your hero piece to go. Slowly layer up, playing with angles and making some pieces bleed off the edge. Use the smaller items at the end to fill in the gaps.

Step Four

Photo time.
Once you're happy with your layout, it's time to start snapping! The key to a flay lay photo is the birds eye view. A tripod is the ultimate tool to achieve this. However, standing over top or using a stool will do the trick! Once again, play with angles and crops until you've got THE ONE.

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